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Engineering Job Application Tracker

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How to get the template

Select duplicate in the top right hand corner of the template.
After you select Add to Notion...
Select Duplicate in the top right corner of the screen to add the template to your personal Notion workspace.

About this template

We created GoodTeams to make it easier to find an engineering team that matches your values.

This free Kanban-style Notion template makes it easier to track your engineering job applications and interviews across multiple companies and stages.

If you haven't already, make sure to view and duplicate the template into your personal Notion workbook.

To make your own copy of this Notion template, do the following:

  • Make sure you are logged into your personal Notion account.
  • Right click on the top-right 'Duplicate' button
  • Make any changes to this copied template that you like

Any changes you make to your duplicated template, such as adding new applications, will be visible for you only.

How to use the Job Application Tracker Notion template

When adding new applications, duplicate existing cards to copy over useful placeholder information.How to duplicate a card.

Data Fields

The default cards that come with the template contain useful data fields for tracking all aspects of the application process across multiple companies.

Data fields in the notion template.

Role PDF. When you apply for a job, it's a good idea to save the advertisement as a PDF. Companies often take down job ads once they have multiple promising candidates in the interview process. This can leave you without a reference for the skills and responsibilities involved in the role (an important aspect of the negotation process).

Cover letter. Track the cover letter you used to apply for a specific role in case you need to reference it later.

CV. Track the specific version of your CV that you used to apply for a given role.

Challenge. Software engineering interviews often involve a technical take-home challenge. You can store your challenge files here for easy access. If you keep your challenge code on GitHub you may want to change this field to a URL.

Contract. If you've received an offer and have been sent a contract you can track it against the employer here.

Deadline. Use this field to track any deadlines in the interview process, such a due date for a coding challenge. By default, any date added here will be displayed on the thumbnail view of the card.

Last updated. This field will automatically populate with the last date and time that you made changes to the application record. This can be useful to identify when you need to follow up.


The Notion template's default cards also come with a handy notebook template to assist your notetaking throughout the interview process.



Keep track of the various people you speak to throughout the interview process, from recruiters through to the hiring manager. (No more forgetting names!)

Job Description & Notes

Jot down notes on the job description and separate your notes and questions for each interview stage.


Keep track of offers and counter-offers here.

Tracking offers and counter-offers.

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