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Building a scalable insurance software platform.

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VIC, Australia

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Late Seed

Empowering insurers and customers with data

For most people, insurance is a dirty word. A grudge purchase that seems designed to be confusing. But it shouldn't be; it should be simple, smart and human.

We're taking a data-driven approach to help customers get the cover that's right for them, all from within the apps, websites, and ecosystems they already know and love.

Our primary customers are insurers who want to embed their insurance products within distribution partner platforms, using data to offer the best possible policies to their customers.

We are backed by leading VCs, and are currently in the second part of our late seed raise.

Having just launched a workers compensation product with QBE, our Product and Engineering team are now going to focus on platform R&D, in addition to continuing to launch new products and partnerships.

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Senior Engineer
“The Kanopi engineering team is technically skilled, supportive, and empathetic. I feel safe to ask questions, clarify doubts, start a discussion or seek advice, knowing that my team is capable and ready to help.”
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Nigel Fellowes-Freeman

CEO & Founder
“[We're] able to give the right customer the right product, at the right time, when they need it.”

Trust, flexibility, and learning

We offer a warm and collaborative work culture with big time vision. Our aim is to create an environment in which everyone is included in decisions and opportunities, regardless of your role, age, or how long you've been with the company. Everyone's opinion is welcome, and we're firm believers in discussions and radical candor.

We trust our people. This means we focus on outcomes and provide a truly flexible workplace. So if you need some time to go to the gym during quiet times, want to break up your day to look after your kids, or feel like going for a walk around that 3pm slump, it’s all fine.

People based in Melbourne tend to come in to our office once every 2 or 4 weeks. We also organise quarterly Australia-wide get-togethers, as well as an annual global company meetup.

We have team members around the globe, so you may need to attend an early morning or early evening meeting occasionally.

You will work alongside an experienced team who will challenge you everyday (and expect you to challenge them back).

We’re big fans of learning new things, which is why we give you the support and professional development to help you achieve your career goals, learn and grow. We offer time and support to take courses, read books, or attend events, and we have a career development framework in place.


Meet the Kanopi team

The Kogan.com team
Team lunch.
The Kogan.com team
Team yoga session.

Engineering culture

We’re currently working on adding new platform features and integrations to our core product, which helps insurers launch their new products significantly faster.

We’re remote-first and work in Agile sprints. Day-to-day, we collaborate using Slack, ClickUp and Google Workspace. We deploy to production at least once per sprint after feature branches have been reviewed and merged. We also write a changelog for every release.

We write unit, integration and endpoint tests (using Cypress) across the codebase. Test coverage is high on the backend and medium on the frontend and we practice TDD when it makes sense for us.

We’ve also created a design system that helps us ship frontend features faster and more consistently.

We’re a genuinely collaborative and open team. We frequently work in pairs, including a fortnightly scheduled pairing session. We have lots of open discussions around technical and team decisions and everyone on the team is able to contribute and be heard.

The team also holds fortnightly “Toolbox” talks; tech talks with a blend of education and discussion around practical applications for the techniques or tools covered.

Engineers joining the team don’t need to arrive with expertise across everything in the tech stack. We believe it’s OK to learn on the job as long as you’re clever, adaptable, and eager to try new things.

Tech Stack Overview
Team traits

The team is nimble and adaptable and thrives in a startup environment.


The team has a track record of delivering on their commitments.


Your willingness to learn on the job is more important than the knowledge you walk in with.


We're skilled at having open and collaborative discussions when making decisions as a team.


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Monthly hackathons

Take part in FedEx Days, similar to a hackathon.

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Paid parental leave

Paid parental leave after one year of working at Kanopi.

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Company lunches, meetups and getaways

Quarterly Australia-wide meetups and annual company getaways, as well as regular team lunches.

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Flexible hours

True flexibility with no clock-watching.

Aesthetic and clean desk setup.
Ergonomics/home office setup budget

Budget to make your home office more comfortable.

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Mental health support

Mental health days, Headspace membership, and EAP access.

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Engineering at Kanopi

Build a data-driven
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